Cool decorations and current trends

Want to try baking something different? Set your hand to new decorations? Looking for inspiration from the latest trends? Explore our news section, where we introduce our latest products with amazing baking and decorating ideas for your next baking project.

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Fondant icing, sugar eyes, glitter flakes, edible butterflies, candles, cake toppers – Decocino has a huge selection of products, where you’ll find cool and trendy topics as well as decorations that are easy to work with, amazing colours and designs, new flavours, and brilliant ingredients for your cakes, gateaux, muffins, and more.

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Ideas for baking and decorating

A trendy unicorn cake doesn’t need to be hard to bake or decorate. Find recipes and guidance for cakes, gateaux, muffins and more, all of which look great and taste amazing.

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Did you know?

What is gum paste? What exactly is a topping? How does the art of cake decoration work? This section contains background photos, guidance and descriptions for all kinds of topics in the world of decorative baking.

In addition, there are also exclusive insider tips from the Sallys Welt (“Sallys World”) baking channel. Sally exclusively uses Decocino products in her decorating.

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