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Baker´s starch

Decocino Baker´s Starch is the ideal product to spread over your work surface when working with fondant icing. It’s an effective way of ensuring that the sugar paste won’t stick to the work surface when rolling it out or cutting it to shape. Decocino Baker´s Starch is a very finely sieved potato starch, but has much more to it than traditional potato or corn starches or icing sugar. It does not clump together, while you can spread it very finely over your work surface. Decocino Baker´s Starch is also very well suited for powdering the silicone moulds that you can use to finish off your decorating. Decocino Baker´s Starch comes in convenient, single-portion sachets so that there are no part-opened packages to take up room in your fridge after you’ve finished baking.


Buttercream is perfect for filling, covering, decorating, and garnishing cream cakes, fondant cakes, muffins, and cupcakes, and for baking classic recipes with buttercream - such as Frankfurter Kranz, Esterhazy Torte, Fürst Pückler cakes and Donauwellen. Essentially, the baking world knows four different types of buttercream, which differ slightly in their ingredients and tastes as well as consistencies. “German buttercream” (also known as “pudding”) is made using starch, milk and butter. “French cream” consists of eggs, fat and sugar. “Italian cream” is made using egg white, fat and sugar. Then there is “American cream”, made using only sugar and fat.
The Decocino buttercream baking mixture is similar to the flavour of German buttercream. It has a natural taste, and is light and airy. The consistency becomes stiffer when the baked goods are placed in the fridge. Decocino buttercream is quick and easy to prepare, and sure to succeed. Simply add water and butter.
If desired, you can also enhance it with chocolate, fruits, or flavourings, or even colour it using food-colouring pastes.


Cake decorating

Cake decorating (or decoration) refers to anything that you do to decorate a cake or tart: this could mean applying buttercream, adding decorations that you’ve made or assembled yourself, or simply placing pre-made cake decorations onto the cake. Many complete, edible cake decorations are available directly from Decocino in ready-to-use form, such as wafer flowers, cake toppers, sugar decorations and sugar stickers. Naturally, you can also make your own cake decorations from Decocino sugar paste, Decocino DecoChoc or Decocino gum paste. The easiest way is to cut out circles, flowers, or hearts from pre-rolled Decocino fondant icing, Decocino DecoChoc or Decocino gum paste. If you have the time and desire, you can also make your own cake decorations by hand, or model them using modelling paste. Why not give it a try? 

Decocino also offers a wide range of non-edible cake decorations including cake sparklers, candles, and football figures.

Cake pops

Cake pops are small cakes on a stick, and are therefore also sometimes referred to as “cake lollies.” They are very popular sweet or savoury snacks, and allow you to add a fresh look to any candy selection or buffet. In addition, the possibilities for adding decorations are endless, and you can even use leftovers to make your cake pops!

There are two basic ways of making cake pops: the first method involve mixing your cake pop dough, then baking it in a cake pop maker or a special cake pop silicone baking mould. The second way involves crumbling pre-baked cakes or muffins, then mixing the crumbs with jam, cream or chocolate to create a cake pop mix that you then mould into the shape of your cake pops.

Cake pops are usually round, but you can use other shapes such as hearts or ovals by using cake pop mix. Once your cake pops are finished, you can add a glaze or decorate them with Decocino Sugar Sprinkles, Decocino Food Colouring Powder, Decocino Glitter Flakes, or Decocino Sugar Stickers to your heart’s content.

Cake toppers

Cake toppers are sugar paper printed with food colouring that allow you to create highly effective cake decorations quickly and with ease. Simply place a round, edible Decocino Cake Topper directly onto the top of your cake or attach them to Decocino Sugar Paste using Decocino Edible Glue. At Decocino, you’ll find a wide variety of Disney and other contemporary design such as unicorns. Decocino Cake Toppers have a diameter of 16 cm and fit both mini cakes and larger baked goods.

When decorating, ensure that Decocino Cake Toppers do not come into contact with cream or other similar products, as they will lose their shape. If you nevertheless want to use cake toppers to decorate a cream cake, simply place the topper onto the cream no more than five minutes before eating it. Ensure that the cake topper sits straight by straightening the surface of your cake with a cake knife or other large knife.

Colouring paste

Colouring paste is concentrated food colouring in the form of a paste that you can use to dye foodstuffs, such as fondant icing, gum paste, cake mixture, marzipan, cream, frosting, drinks and other foods. When it is diluted with water or alcohol (max. 40 %), you can even paint using colouring paste and use a brush or sponge to transfer your design onto sugar paste. Decocino Food Colouring Pastes are available in six different colours. You can mix Decocino Food Colouring Pastes with each other in any way you like to give you an infinite colour palette. Unlike colouring powder or liquid food colourings, colouring pastes offer the benefit that you can also use them to colour fondant icing, gum paste or modelling chocolate. Decocino Food Colouring Pastes are also ideal for baking rainbow cakes, parrot cakes or brightly coloured muffins or waffles, and you can even use them to colour your Easter eggs.

Colouring powder

Edible gold and silver in powdered form – experience the amazing sparkling and glittering effects on your baking. If possible, apply the colouring powder using a tassel brush. You can also dissolve Decocino Food Colouring Powder in a little water or alcohol (max. 40 %) and can use it with a brush to paint onto your bakes. We recommend to use Decocino Food Colouring Powder only on the outer surface of your baking for the best effect.


Deco Shredder

Deco Shredder is a type of cake decoration made of edible paper. It contains no sugar, and so it’s ideal for baking enthusiasts who like to work with less sugar. Deco Shredder can be sprinkled directly onto your cakes. If you are using sugar paste, it’s best to attach it with thinly-applied, edible glue or sugar icing. If you are using cream, or any other moist baking ingredients, then the Deco Shredder should be added immediately before serving. This ensures that the decorations hold their shape. There are five different shape and colour variants of Decocino Deco Shredder available.



DecoChoc is a modelling paste with 25% white chocolate content. It is ideally suited to moulding and making edible figures or other decorative elements – not forgetting its delicious chocolate taste. Decocino DecoChoc is a great alternative to traditional modelling chocolate, which has a somewhat higher chocolate content. Decocino DecoChoc is available in a choice of six colours that can be mixed together and coloured using Decocino Food Colouring Paste, so that you have complete freedom in choosing the colour of your creations. Your finished Decocino DecoChoc creations can then be attached to the cake with Decocino Edible aGlue or a toothpick.


Cake toppers, fondant icing, sugar decorations, food colouring paste and much more - Decocino offers you a wide range of baking ingredients and decorations that you can use to turn your baking ideas into reality, or follow the baking and decorating recipes of celebrity baking bloggers. New products are launched all year round, following the latest trends or just the change of seasons. Anyone can work with Decocino products, even if you have no prior skills or experience. High Quality is our priority and there are good reasons why top baking video star, Sally from Sallys World bakes with Decocino baking and decorating products. Decocino is a trademark of Decoback GmbH.


The principle on which Dekoback GmbH was founded was to make everyday life just a bit brighter. At Dekoback, everything is about giving creativity a chance to flourish, spoiling your loved ones and giving a moment of happiness to your family, friends and the people that matter most.

Decocino is a trademark of Dekoback. Dekoback develops and distributes edible and non-edible baking decorations under the Decocino brand. Licensed products with characters from Star Wars and other popular Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks, Mattel and Marvel movie productions are all registered trademarks. Fondant icing, food colourings, sugar decorations and specific decorative ideas using wafers and sugar paper complete the extensive product range. The “greeting card and treats for favourite animals” and “CaBIOke – creative organic baking” product ranges were launched in early 2017. Dekoback’s business has now expanded with over 500 distribution partners and around 30,000 points of sale in over ten countries.

Disney cake decorations

Something to make the hearts of all Star Wars, Cars, Frozen and Princess fans beat faster: we make it easy to decorate cakes and tarts with Disney cake decorations. That’s all it takes to finish personalising your baking creations! At Decocino, you’ll find a large selection of designs from Disney movies in the form of edible, round Decocino cake toppers (approx. 16 cm in diameter), edible Decocino sugar stickers, or Decocino cake candles.


Edible flowers

No matter whether you enjoy cakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes or cookies: edible flowers allow you to create a custom creation of your own from any baked product in the blink of an eye. You can even use pre-baked, shop-bought goods and make them truly your own. Attach edible Decocino Edible Wafer Blossoms directly to your cake, tart, muffin or cupcake (or even sugar paste) using Decocino Edible Glue. If you use cream or other similar products for your decorating, simply add the edible flowers shortly before serving so that they retain their shape.

Edible food markers

Decocino Edible Food Markers allow you to paint, decorate or write on Decocino Sugar pPaste, Decocino Gum Paste, marzipan, edible paper, wafers and boiled or coloured eggs directly. You can use them to write and draw just like you would with a traditional marker pen – but with one difference: the “ink” that you apply with a Decocino Food Marker pen is edible!

Decocino Edible Food Markers are available in packs of both four and eight different colours and have a convenient dual nib with 2.0 mm and 0.8 mm thicknesses, allowing you to draw fine lines or colour in larger surfaces. When painting and drawing, ensure that the baked surface you are writing or drawing on is dry, but not completely dried out to ensure more vivid colours.

Edible glue

Edible glue (also known as edible adhesive) makes it easy to attach decorations to fondant icing and stick together the individual pieces of flowers and figures so that they remain in place. Make sure you only use it sparingly.

Decocino Edible Glue requires no more than a really thin film to be applied. Edible glue is often referred to as sugar glue, even though the glue actually contains no sugar at all. It consists of water, citric acid and carboxymethylcellulose, which is also an ingredient in ice cream among other things. Presumably, edible glue is often referred to in everyday language as sugar glue because it is used to stick sugar or fondant icing parts together. Decocino Edible Glue is supplied in a convenient, resealable tube that allows you to measure the correct amount precisely. If you want, you can also use a pastry brush to apply Decocino Edible Glue which, by the way, is completely flavourless.

Edible roses

Edible roses are a great way for you to decorate cakes, tarts, cupcakes and cookies with style and elegance in the blink of an eye. You can even decorate shop-bought goods. Simply use Decocino Edible Glue to attach edible Decocino Edible Roses directly to your tarts, cakes, muffins, cupcakes or cookies, or prepare your baking in advance using Decocino Sugar Paste or glazing. If you use cream to decorate your baking, you can attach Decocino Edible Roses to it directly. Of course, you can also use edible roses to complete more demanding baking projects! The decorative design suits wedding cakes, birthday cakes and artistic cupcakes perfectly.

Decocino Edible Roses are made from sugar wafers and are available in white, pink and purple. If you want to place edible roses directly into cream or similar products, you should do so shortly before eating them, as they lose their shape over time when they come into contact with cream.



Fondant is a soft fondant icing made from water, saccharose, glucose syrup, invert sugar cream and/or sugar alcohols, which is used to cover cakes, tarts and other baked goods. Liquid fondant is known as frosting, while fondant icing is a ready-to-use semi-solid compound. Fondant icing is available from Decocino in the following variants: Decocino White Sugar Paste, Decocino Colour Sugar Paste, Decocino Gold or Silver Sugar Paste and Decocino Flavoured Sugar Paste.

Fondant icing

You can use fondant icing (also known as sugar paste) to cover your cakes in all sizes and shapes and any colour you like. Covering a cake in fondant icing also results in a smooth surface. As well as traditional icing cakes and cookies in the traditional way, you can use rolled Decocino Sugar Paste to create or cut out decorative motifs. Decocino Sugar Paste is also a basic ingredient that you need to bake and decorate cakes that feature printed or painted designs.

When icing a cake, you should firstly knead the fondant icing until it is soft and supple. Ensure that you don’t fold the fondant icing to make sure that there are no air bubbles. If air bubbles do form anyway, you can pop them with a needle and then use a smoother rolling pin to remove any traces. It’s a good idea to cover your work surface with a thin layer of Decocino Baker´s Starch to prevent the fondant icing from sticking to the work surface. In addition, make sure that the work surface, your hands and your materials are all dry and free from grease. Never allow the fondant icing to come into contact with cream, soft cheese, yoghurt or products with similarly high liquid content. Otherwise, the fondant icing will lose its shape, dissolving and becoming liquid.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the icing if possible. It takes a certain amount of practice to learn to cover cakes with icing, and you’ll make it easier on yourself if you roll the fondant icing a little thicker the first time you try it.

To achieve the perfect colour, you can simply buy Decocino Sugar Paste in the desired colour. Otherwise, you can mix different colours of Decocino Sugar Paste together by kneading, or use white or coloured Decocino Sugar Paste with Decocino Food Colouring Paste to dye it. Decocino Sugar Paste is also available in a variety of flavours and pack sizes.

If you want, you can use Decocino Sugar Paste to model your creations. Mix the Decocino Sugar Paste with an equal part of Decocino Gum Paste, giving you a highly elastic modelling fondant mix that is well suited for shaping different figures, letters and numbers.

Once the cake has been iced, you can store it in the cool, dry atmosphere of your fridge. Never cover the cake under any circumstances, as this causes moisture to build up. You should remove your cake from the fridge around one or two hours before serving. It may be lightly covered in moisture, which is normal: this moisture will disappear after the cake has stood at room temperature for a few minutes. Ensure that you don’t allow your hands to touch the cake from this pint on: otherwise, you’ll leave fingerprints on the surface, and these will be difficult to remove. Atmospheric humidity is also important. Humid summer days can cause the fondant icing to become soft and sticky, which can be prevented by cooling the room down and using a fan – or by working at night.

If you do not use up the pack of fondant icing completely, you can pack up any leftovers into an airtight container such as a storage tin, then store it in a cool, dry place – but never in the fridge.

Food colours

Food colouring allows you to dye your baking creations, desserts, drinks or cream any shade you like. There are three basic types of food colouring, which are more or less suitable for decorating or baking.

Liquid food colourings: These can be used to colour dough or cream. Liquid food colourings are not, however, suitable for dyeing fondant icing, as the addition of liquid causes it to lose its consistency and makes it harder to work with.

Colouring powder: Colouring powder is used for colouring small areas. If you dissolve colouring powder in some water or alcohol, you can also use it to paint with. Colouring powder is not, however, suitable for dyeing fondant icing, as the pigments do not dissolve completely, resulting in unsightly speckles of colour.

Pastes and gels: Colouring pastes and colouring gel are the best way to dye fondant icing, gum paste, cake mixture, marzipan, creams and frosting. Colouring pastes and gels are easy to mix in evenly, resulting in uniformly coloured fondant icing and – if you’ve mixed in the right amount of colouring paste or gel – vivid colours such as you get with Decocino Food Colouring Pastes. If you dilute colouring pastes or gels with water or alcohol, you can also use them to paint with


Frosting is a cake glaze that is similar to icing. Both terms come from the idea that a white sugar mix looks as though the surface of the cake has frozen over.


Frozen cake decorations

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff – the popular characters from Disney’s “Frozen” movie are available from Decocino as edible Decocino Cake Toppers and Decocino Sugar Stickers to decorate your cakes, muffins, and more. Frozen designs are also available as Decocino 2D Cake Candles and Decocino Cupcake Capsules and in the 48-piece Decocino Cupcake Kit.

To ensure that your Frozen Cake Toppers sit evenly on your cake, ensure (as far as possible) that the surface is flat and even. If you want, you can cover your cake or tart with sugar paste and then attach the Frozen decoration using thinly Decocino Edible Glue diluted with water. If you also whish to use cream to decorate your cake, please ensure to wait to place the Frozen Cake Topper onto the cake about five minutes before serving to ensure that it retains its shape.



Ganache is a paste made from chocolate or chocolate coating and heated whipped cream. You can use ganache to prepare your cakes so that they are ready to add fondant by brushing your cake with an initial layer of ganache, known as the “crumb layer” before allowing it to dry solid. You then brush your cake with a second layer of ganache to create a smooth surface before allowing the ganache to harden again. Repeat this step as many times as it takes until the surface is completely smooth. Ganache is also used to ensure that fondant icing does not come into contact with the filling. It is important to ensure, that sugar paste never comes into direct contact with cream, soft cheese, yoghurt or other products with a high level of liquid content. Otherwise, the fondant icing will lose its shape, dissolving and becoming a liquid itself.

Ganache is traditionally made out of one part of whipped cream and two parts of dark chocolate or chocolate coating. You can vary the ratio in the mixture depending on the proportion of cocoa solids in the chocolate and the purpose for which you are making the ganache. You can also use ganache as a filling for cakes. In principle, recipes for ganache to be used as a cake filling are softer and more airy than for a ganache that is to be used to prepare your cakes for the application of fondant icing.

Gum paste

Gum paste is a ready-to-use fondant icing that is ideal for modelling intricate decorations such a flowers, leaves, numbers and letters. Unlike modelling paste and modelling chocolate, it can be rolled out so that it is very thin. Decocino Gum Paste is extremely elastic but very quickly hardens completely. This makes Decocino Gum Paste the ideal product if you want to create particularly delicate flowers or other intricate decorations and add them to your baking creations. Briefly knead the required amount of gum paste before use, then roll it on Decocino Baker´s Starch until it’s thin, then mould it into your favourite shapes. As gum paste hardens very quickly, you need to work fast.

You have a free choice of colour for your flowers and other decorative elements, as you can simply and easily mix in Decocino Food Colouring Pastes into your white Decocino Gum Paste. Simply allow the finished decorative elements to dry in the air, then attach them to your cake with edible adhesive. If you don’t need to use up the Decocino Gum Paste pack entirely, you can store the remaining gum paste in airtight foil before packing it into an airtight container for storage in a cool and dry place – but not in the fridge!


Icing comb (or cake scraper)

Icimg combs (or cake scrapers) are great for making creative cakes without having to spend too much time and effort. Cover the cake with buttercream, cream, ganache, chocolate icing, or icing and then pull the icing comb (or cake scraper) over it, to create a lovely, ridged pattern. The Decocino Icing Comb Kit contains 3 cake scrapers, each with 2 patterns, and they can be combined for different effects.


Metallic Spray

With the Metallic Spray you have the power to create amazingly colourful effects on your baking creations. Simply spray onto cakes, muffins, biscuits, chocolates and any other tasty goodies! Decocino Metallic Spray will bring new life to any cake, tarts, muffins and more! Make sure to shake the spray can well before use and spray at a distance of around 10-15 cm. We recommend working quickly for an even spread of colour. Before starting, protect the surrounding surface from any residual spray mist. The Decocino Metallic Spray dries very quickly so you can serve your fantastic creations as fast as possible! Decocino Metallic Spray comes in four colours: gold, silver, copper and pink.

Modelling chocolate

Unicorns, teddy bears, bunnies, trolls, King Kong or cartoon heroes – modelling chocolate allows you to create your favourite characters, figures and decorations from scratch to decorate your cakes, cupcakes and cookies etc., giving your baking a creative twist. A delicious alternative to traditional modelling chocolate, which is very good to work with, is Decocino DecoChoc, which features 25% white chocolate.

Muffin cups

You use muffin cups (also known as cupcake capsules or cupcake cases) when baking muffins. You simply place the muffin cups into the muffin baking tray and then fill them with dough. Decocino Cupcake Capsules are made from paper and you can place them into the oven for baking at a temperature of up to 180°C. Decocino Cupcake Capsules are also available in a wide variety of popular Disney and other contemporary designs including Star Wars, Frozen, unicorns, and football themes.

Muffin toppers

Muffin toppers or sugar stickers are printed, edible decorations made from sugar paper or wafers that allow you to create amazing effects, quickly and easily. You simply place the toppers onto your muffins, cupcakes or other cakes, or you can secure them in place using Decocino Edible Glue depending on the nature of the surface. Decocino Sugar Stickers are round and are the perfect size to fit standard muffins.

If you use cream in your decoration, you should apply Decocino Sugar Stickers no more than five minutes before eating the product because muffin toppers will lose their shape if they come into contact with cream or similar products for too long.


Non-stick baking spray

Whether you have a springform pan, loaf tin, baking tray, waffle iron, donut or cake pop maker – our Decocino Non-stick Baking Spray makes your pre-baking preparations both quick and easy. You can also use Decocino Non-stick Baking Spray for frying by spraying your frying pan or pancake pan with it. Simply shake the can thoroughly and spray your baking tin from a distance of approx. 20-30 cm all over evenly – then you’re done! Time-consuming fiddling around with brushes, butter and flour or baking paper is a thing of the past. In addition, you use much less oil with Decocino Non-stick Baking Spray, while you can use Decocino Non-stick Baking Spray with all materials and types of tray or tin, including silicone. Decocino Non-stick Baking Spray should be used very sparingly, making it very economical to use.


Organic fondant icing

Organic fondant icing (also known as organic sugar paste) consists only of organically produced ingredients, and is monitored for compliance. It has a low fat content and is lactose free. Decocino Organic Sugar Paste is extremely elastic and adapts superbly to follow the contours of your cake. Decocino organic sugar paste is available in white and can be decorated with anything you would use to decorate classic fondant icing. You use it in exactly the same recipes, in exactly the same way as standard fondant icing. Decocino Organic Sugar Paste can be dyed using any Decocino Food Colouring Paste you wish.



While it might sound complicated, it’s quite simple in practice: when decorating a cake, you simply add cream, icing or topping using a piping bag to spread it evenly over the surface.


Rainbow cake

In principle, any simple cake recipe can be used to bake a rainbow cake. After following the instructions to prepare the mixture, you break the mixture into several pieces and colour each part with a specific variety of Decocino Food Colouring Paste. A classic rainbow cake requires six shades: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. You mix the orange and purple shades yourself using Decocino Food Colouring Pastes in red and yellow for orange, or blue with a little pink red for purple. You can also work with four or five colours to get started.

When preparing the cake mixture further, there are two different approaches. With a classic rainbow cake, you bake each mixture separately in a springform pan, then allow the layers to cool off before stacking them on top of each other with a layer of cream or ganache between each. The other method is somewhat quicker: you place two tablespoons of one coloured mixture into the middle of your springform tin and then alternately place two tablespoons of each coloured mixture on top until all the mixture is used up. The mixture will reach the edge of the tin by itself, and baking results in a zebra pattern. Accordingly, this version of a rainbow cake is often referred to as a “zebra cake.”

Rolling pin

The rolling pin makes it easy to roll out sugar paste, flower modelling paste, modelling chocolate, etc. The Decocino Rolling Pin is made of plastic with an anti-stick coating. The adjustable thickness rings can be added to make sure that the sugar paste is rolled out to a consistent thickness.

Russian nozzles

Russian nozzles can be used to make buttercream flowers in a single step. To obtain perfect results, you must hold the piping bag upright, and push the cream firmly down through the nozzle. Gradually reduce the pressure, and as you are doing this, pull the piping bag slowly upwards, until you reach the desired flower height. Remove the nozzle by pulling it away in an upwards direction.
For best results, you should use a firm type of cream, such as American buttercream, Swiss meringue, or marshmallow fluff. If the cream softens too much when you are piping it, then it may not be able to produce flowers properly. If this happens, you should just put the piping bag in the fridge for a while. If you want to make a topping with two colours, then simply put a different colour of cream on each side of the piping bag, and pipe them out together. The Decocino Piping Nozzle Set contains 2 different Russian nozzles made of high-quality stainless steel.



Sally is the most successful food blogger in the German-speaking world and number 2 in Europe. Her YouTube channel, “Sallys Welt” (or “Sally’s World”) has over a million subscribers as at July 2017. Each month, her baking and cooking videos are viewed around 15 million times. Sally’s trademarks include her stylishly designed cakes, which you can easily copy by following her baking and decorating videos. Sally’s baking videos show how creative you can be with Decocino products. Sally and Decocino are linked via a long and successful history of working together, and Sally regularly uses Decocino baking and decorating products in her videos.

Sally’s World (Sallys Welt, formerly Sallys Tortenwelt/ Sally’s World of Cakes)

Sally’s World (formerly Sally’s World of Cakes) is the name of the Sally’s YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers as at July 2017. It’s the place to find instructions for decorating cakes that you can easily bake and decorate for yourself. As Sally works exclusively with Decocino Sugar Paste, Decocino baking ingredients and Decocino decorations, you’ll also find plenty of suggestions and practical tips for your own creative baking ideas with Decocino products.


With the smoother (or finisher), you can even out any bumps and smooth out the edges, surface and sides of your cake after you have covered it with sugar paste. You just smooth out the fat-free surface with circular movements. The Decocino Fondant Smoother has two rounded edges and comes as a 2 in 1 finisher, with lengths of 15 and 10 centimetres respectively.

Soccer cake

Make soccer fans’ hearts beat faster with soccer-shaped muffins, decorated with edible Decocino Soccer Decorations – or even put a cake in the shape of an entire soccer pitch, complete with players, onto the table. The Decocino Soccer Kit, togther with Decocino Sugar Decorations, Sugar Stickers and Cupcake Capsules, makes it easy. The Decocino Soccer Decorating Kit contains players, goals, and a referee. It’s easy to place the decorations onto your cake – and then you’re done! If you want, you can cover your cake with green Decocino Sugar Paste and mark the field with white Decocino Writing Icings, then dye buttercream or cream with Decocino Food Colouring paste green and spread it on the surface, while you can magic up amazing football cakes, tarts, muffins and cupcakes and more using Decocino soccer sugar decorations and Decocino Soccer Sugar Stickers.


Sprinkles (also known as sugar sprinkles) are small, coloured sugar decorations that you can sprinkle onto our cakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, or cookies or attach using Decocino Edible Glue. Decocino Decorative Sugar Sprinkles are available in a wide variety of different shapes and colours. Sprinkles are not suitable for baking in the oven, which means that you can only use them to decorate your cakes, etc., after they have been baked. When decorating, ensure that you don’t allow sprinkles to come into contact with cream, as they may lose their shape and colour as a result.

Star Wars cake decorations

Decocino Star Wars cake decorations will help you make any Star Wars fan happy. You can transform your cakes into the Death Star and have Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi march on board. The Decocino range includes round, edible Decocino Cake Toppers (diameter approx. 16 cm), edible Decocino Sugar Stickers, Decocino Cupcake Capsules, Decocino Cupcake Kits and Decocino 2D and 3D Cake Candles.

Ensure that the cake toppers sit flat on the cake by smoothing the surface of your cake before positioning the topper. Use thinly spread Decocino Edible Glue to attach the cake toppers or sugar stickers to Decocino Sugar Paste or directly onto your baking. Don’t allow cake toppers or sugar stickers to come into contact with cream or similar products, as they may lose their consistency. If you nevertheless want to use cake toppers to decorate a cream cake, simply place the topper onto the cream no more than five minutes before eating it.

Sugar decorations

Sugar decorations allow you to decorate your cakes, tarts and muffins in no time! Simply attach them using Decocino Edible Glue to your baking or place them on your topping. When decorating with sugar decorations, remember that you can’t bake them in the oven! They should be placed on the cake after baking. Decocino Sugar Decorations are available in over 20 different designs, with new sugar decorations in designs that follow the latest trends (such as the new unicorn designs) constantly being launched.

Sugar glue

Edible glue (also known as adhesive) makes it easy to attach decorations to fondant icing and stick together the individual pieces of flowers and figures so that they remain in place. Make sure you only use it sparingly.

Decocino Edible Glue requires no more than a really thin film to be applied. Edible glue is often referred to as sugar glue, even though the adhesive actually contains no sugar at all. It consists of water, citric acid and carboxymethylcellulose, which is also an ingredient in ice cream among other things. Presumably, edible adhesive is often referred to in everyday language as sugar glue because it is used to stick sugar or fondant icing parts together. Decocino Edible Glue is supplied in a convenient, resealable tube that allows you to measure the correct amount precisely. If you want, you can also use a pastry brush to apply Decocino Edible Glue which, by the way, is completely flavourless.



The word “topping” comes from the idea of being “on top” of something. Topping refers to anything that you can use to decorate the top of your cakes, tarts, muffins and cupcakes, either placing it on top or by covering it with buttercream or adding dollops of cream.


Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is liquid essence of vanilla used to bake and add refinement to drinks and food. Pure vanilla extract is made from authentic vanilla pods, containing a highly concentrated essence of vanilla flavours. Decocino Vanilla Extract is produced using genuine Madagascan bourbon vanilla, and a teaspoon of Decocino Vanilla Extract contains the aroma of a whole vanilla pod.


VanillaFIX is a vanilla flavoured dessert sauce for whipping that you can enjoy in three different ways: as a dessert sauce, cream and ice cream. As a sauce, you can eat VanillaFIX directly from the package, without any further preparation and without adding any other ingredients. If you prefer, you can also heat VanillaFIX as a sauce. Whipped up as a cream, VanillaFIX becomes a quick dessert. The VanillaFIX cream is ideal for topping cupcakes, filling and decorating cakes and filling and decorating small pastries such as cream horns and cream slices. VanillaFIX is stable after whipping. No stabilisers such as cream stabilisers or gelling agents need to be added. VanillaFIX can also be baked in the cake, for example as a milk substitute in recipes for cheesecakes and marble cakes. If you want to make soft ice cream, just place the cream in the freezer compartment or freezer for about 3 1/2 hours and whip it briefly with the mixer after freezing.

Vanillin/Vanilla sugar

Vanillin and vanilla sugar are popular ingredients to add flavour and refinement. They are frequently used as synonymous with one another; however, only vanilla sugar contains natural vanillin from vanilla pods. Vanillin sugar, on the other hand, is a mixture of standard domestic sugar and vanillin flavouring which may be produced naturally or artificially. As such, only products that contain natural vanilla from vanilla pods can be referred to as vanilla sugar.

Vegan Gelling Agent

Leaf Vegatine® is a plant-based alternative to traditional leaf gelatine. It is a tasteless binding and gelling agent made from seaweed - mostly red algae. It can be used to thicken creams, mousses, jellies, puddings and jams.

Leaf Vegatine® is much richer than traditional gelatine and leaf gelatine. It's gelling power is around 6 to 7 times higher than gelling agents made from animal ingredients.

Leaf Vegatine® can be used to replace traditional leaf gelatine in all recipes and dishes. 2 sheets of plant-based gelling agent are sufficient for 500ml liquid. 1 sheet of plant-based gelling agent corresponds to 3 sheets of gelatine. 1 tablespoon with approx. 2.5 agar agar powder corresponds to approx. 1-2 sheets of plant-based gelatine.

With leaf Vegatine®, gelled foods won't melt on hot summer days, as can often happen with traditional gelatine. With the plant-based gelling agent, gelling only begins at 60-97°C. Leaf Vegatine® does not need to be soaked in cold water before use. It can be placed directly into the liquid and boiled while stirring constantly. Leave to simmer for another 2 minutes until it is completely dissolved. Compared to traditional gelatine, leaf Vegatine® can be reheated several times.


Wafer flowers

Wafer flowers are edible, floral decorations made from wafers or edible paper that you can use to easily and quickly decorate your cakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes and so on for amazing effects. Simply place them or stick them onto your baking and you’re done! Decocino Edible Wafer Blossoms are available as edible roses or daisies. Decocino Edible Wafer Blossoms are each available in a variety of different colours.

If working with cream, ensure that you only apply the wafer flowers shortly before consuming your cake.