Can sweet things be sin…

Cake Mixes with no added sugar

You can now enjoy your favourite cakes and muffins with no added sugar but still packed with flavour. This will appeal to anyone wanting to be more careful about what they eat and count the calories. There are four different variations of these cake mixes.

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Chocolate enjoyment

Chocolate drops without added sugar

Are you a fan of fine chocolate? Then you just have to have these chocolate drops. You can bake them, mix them with your creams etc., sprinkle them on your baked goods, use them as couverture or just eat them. Neither you nor the chocolate drops need table sugar and palm fat. Here 49.5% cocoa mass ensures the chocolate taste!

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They put you in a good mood!

Sprincle mixes

These colourful sprincle mixes will brighten up your baking creations. You will be spoilt for choice between the four different toppings, each in their own shaker, for adding that colourful finishing touch to your cakes, tarts, muffins, and cupcakes.

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Cool Designs!

Muffin Cases

We have the right thing to suit every taste! Muffin cases in six different fun designs: ranging from playful unicorns to dainty butterflies, gruelling Halloween features and lion figures: what is your favourite?

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Go for Gold!

Gold Metallic Cake Glaze

This metallic cake glaze in gold complements our three previous metallic cake glazes perfectly. Turn your cakes and cupcakes into stunning showstoppers. Use it to decorate your Christmas baked goods or other festive baking creations.

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VanillaFIX is a sauce, cream and ice cream all in one. It can be eaten on its own as a sauce. It can be whipped into cream. When the cream is deep-frozen, it turns into fluffy, soft ice cream. A versatile all-rounder that goes well with many delicious recipes and dishes.

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delicious, light & airy

Buttercream for mixing

Decocino buttercream, water and butter – from now on, all you need for your cream cakes, fondant cakes, muffins and classic recipes for Frankfurter Kranz, Donauwellen and Fürst Pückler cakes are these three ingredients. It couldn’t be easier.

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That’s the icing on the cake

Cake Topper

These cake toppers are the icing on the cake for your cakes and tarts. Choose the right message in a stylish hand-lettered design and use it to turn your baked goods into a personalised gift. There are four different greetings in a reflective silver or pink. On sale now and available online.

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Make it shine!

Metallic colouring powder

Turn your baked goods into glamorous highlights! The colouring powder in a set of 3 turns cakes, tarts and much more into fine creations without much effort. The set with gold, silver and red has long been a classic. Now there's also coloured power in the blue, purple and pink combo. In stores now.

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Decorate like a professional

Roll-out mat

We guarantee nothing will stick here! The silicon roll-out mat is the must-have for your work with dough, fondant and marzipan. It gives you a lot of space for rolling out, modelling and decorating.

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Be mallow-dramatic!

Marshmallows with a lovely glimmer

Are marshmallows your favourite sweets? Then you'll love our little glitter marshmallows! Decorate your pastries, ice creams and desserts with them and turn them into a glittering highlight. Check out our online shop and get your hands on this new product!

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The first of its kind!

Vegan gelling agent in sheet form

Do you want to avoid animal gelatin when cooking and baking? Then Decocino Sheet Vegatin based on agar agar is just what you need! Now you can easily make your vegetarian and vegan recipes.

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Fruit alert!

Flavouring pastes with an intense fruity flavour

Transform your cakes and pastries into fruity delights! Our aromatic pastes with tonka-bean, lemon and orange flavours have a high fruit content that will get your taste buds racing. They are now available to purchase in store and online.

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Elegant metallic shine!

Unique new cake glaze

Turn your cakes and pastries into shiny metallic highlights! Metallic cake glaze in three colours for improving cakes and tarts - no heating, palm oil or palm fat. Available from retailers and online with immediate effect.

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Complete innovation!

Our spray-on cake glaze

It couldn’t be simpler! Say goodbye to all that painstaking stirring! Spray the ready-made glaze onto your baked creations – done! This cake glaze spray is neutral in flavour, colourless, vegan and 100% ozone-friendly. Now available in store!

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Glittery Glamour

Gold stars, silver stars and pink hearts

All fans of stars and hearts will get their full money’s worth with these new sugar sprinkle decorations. Make your baking artistry stand out and sprinkle onto your cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cakepops and much more. They’re now available in store.

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