Fruit alert!

Flavouring pastes with an intense fruity flavour

Transform your cakes and pastries into fruity delights! Our aromatic pastes with tonka-bean, lemon and orange flavours have a high fruit content that will get your taste buds racing. They are now available to purchase in store and online.

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Elegant metallic shine!

Unique new cake glaze

Turn your cakes and pastries into shiny metallic highlights! Metallic cake glaze in three colours for improving cakes and tarts - no heating, palm oil or palm fat. Available from retailers and online with immediate effect.

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Complete innovation!

Our spray-on cake glaze

It couldn’t be simpler! Say goodbye to all that painstaking stirring! Spray the ready-made glaze onto your baked creations – done! This cake glaze spray is neutral in flavour, colourless, vegan and 100% ozone-friendly. Now available in store!

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Glittery Glamour

Gold stars, silver stars and pink hearts

All fans of stars and hearts will get their full money’s worth with these new sugar sprinkle decorations. Make your baking artistry stand out and sprinkle onto your cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cakepops and much more. They’re now available in store.

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...the train is in the station

Give the birthday boy or girl a bright, multi-coloured birthday greeting in the middle of the table – or on top of the birthday cake! This multi-coloured decorative candle train is washable and can be reused next time a birthday comes around. Available in stores from 15 August.

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Simply delicious

Genuine Madagascar Bourbon vanilla

Refine your delicious cooling with vanilla pods made from genuine Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, with an extremely rich, intense flavour to delight anyone who loves vanilla. Our vanilla pods are now available in stores.

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Bang on trend

Vintage design butterflies

Our popular wafer butterflies are available in a sought-after vintage design to enable you to pep up your baking and decorate your naked cakes, muffins, or fondant gateaux! Featuring a stunning, 3D design effect.

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Metallic colouring powder

A fine, shimmering effect

Transform your baking into a glamorous centrepiece! This set of three food colouring powders turns cakes, gateaux and other baked goods into luxurious creations – with just a little effort! Available in stores now as a set featuring gold, silver and red colouring.

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World premiere of glitter snow

For sparkling baked goods

Add a sparkling highlight to your baked creations with this stunning glitter effect. Gateaux, tarts, cupcakes, muffins, desserts, ice creams and even waffles become indulgent delicacies in the blink of an eye – so let it glow and add a touch of glitter to your world.

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Number Fountains

From 0 to 9

This will be THE highlight of your cake! The new Decocino Number Fountains sparkle for 35 seconds with a silvery spark. In all number combinations. For 2- or multi-digit birthdays, anniversaries, special years etc., simply place multiple Number Fountains next to each other. Available from February 2018.

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Happy Birthday!

for girls and boys

With the new Decocino Mini Cake Plaques you can give cakes and bakes a personal touch – even without extravagant decorations. The 2 birthday motifs can be purchased from February 2018.

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Chocolate Decorations

Delicious chocolate

The new Decocino Chocolate Decorations are a change from the usual marzipan and sugar. Produced from 99% white chocolate. From February 2018 there will be two varieties available for purchase: raspberry and carrot. Can also be enjoyed without the cake…

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On-trend Colours

Hot Pink, Purple and Turquoise

Let your cakes and bakes shine in bright on-trend colours. Decorate your next project with Decocino Sugar Paste in light blue, pink or purple.
Available from February 2018 in 3 new on-trend colours: pink, purple, light blue.

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Profi Tools

Cake decorating toolkit

Flowers, roses, modelled figures, perfectly covered cakes, cool toppings etc. With this Decocino decorating tools you can make almost ANYTHING! Decocino tools are strong and perfectly easy to use. That’s not just a coincidence, because Decocino has many years of experience in making cake decorating tools.


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