Snow Flurry

Approx. 30 minuteseasy
What you need: a blender

For the filling

  • 125 g white meringues
  • 300 g double-fat cream cheese
  • 600 g whipped cream
  • 3 packets cream stabiliser
  • 750-1000 g frozen raspberries


  • Decocino glittery snow, silver
  • Fresh raspberries



  1. Crumble the meringues.
  2. Briefly stir through the cream cheese, add the whipped cream and beat briefly. Add the cream stabiliser and beat everything until creamy.
  3. Alternate layers of frozen raspberries, cream cheese mixture and crumbled meringues in a bowl. Start with the raspberries and finish with the meringues.
  4. Place the dessert in the fridge and allow it to cool for about 6 hours.


  1. Spread the fresh raspberries on the dessert and sprinkle over Decocino glittery snow.
  2. Keep the snow flurry in the fridge until ready for consumption. 

Products used

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Glitter Snow
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